Back Office Support Services
Our experienced teams can help you to manage appraisal reports accurately with quick turnaround.

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wintotal management

Data Collection and Data Entry

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ACI Appraisal Reports Entry

Expedite Productivity and Delivery

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Data Management Services

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Appraise-IT Evaluation

Forms Data Input Services

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Real Estate Photo Editing

Impress Clients w/ Striking Photos

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Website Design & Development

CMS, Login, Photo Gallery

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Who We Are

Appraisal Chief is a business process outsourcing company based New Delhi, India. We have been helping clients based real estate industry as our IT services are focused on processes associated with real estate business. We have dedicated appraisal data entry, real estate photo editing and 3D rendering workforce to manage small as well as large scale projects comfortably in the delivery time set by our clients. Our data processing, image editing, 3D designer specialists follow guidelines strictly provided by appraisers or clients to ensure maximum accuracy in each task. Our end-to-end back office support enables real estate companies or individuals to focus on core business areas.

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What We Do helps real estate agents, agencies and businesses in managing property appraisal reports on a variety of property data management software such as A LA MODE WinTOTAL Aurora, TOTAL, ACI , Bradford's ClickFORMS, SFREP Appraise-IT and other customized applications. Our appraisal data entry professionals have expertise in performing UAD complaint data entry such as UAD URAR 1004, 1025, 1073, 2055, 2090 and Exterior Condo 1075.

We have vast experience in filling appraisal reports for Exterior Only, Single Family Residential, Multi-Family House, Uniform Residential, Individual Condominium Unit, Small Residential Income Property and Manufactured Home. We not only assist our clients for data entry services but also support them for real estate photo editing, 3D rendering, website design, web development and search engine optimization.

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