Information Security

Safety, Privacy, Confidentiality

The data or information security is a primary concern of clients in outsourcing business. Almost clients get in touch with query, discuss project requirements, finalize pricing and then come to data privacy issue before awarding project to an outsourcing services provider company.

As clients completely understand ‘information security is more important than low-cost pricing’. They award their business to an outsourcing partner who is qualifying all data safety factors.

At, we take physical level as well as system level data security as a top priority factors to give our clients highly secure outsourcing experience. Following are some of the major data privacy or information security policies, we implement at our end:

1) Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements with employees
2) Service Agreements including strict confidentiality and non-disclosure clauses
3) Full Disk or entire hard drive data encryption
4) User authentication for terminals access
5) Secure USB Drive
6) Regular data back-up facilities
7) VPN protection and secure network
8) Information access is limited to staff working only on client account