Mortgage Support Services and Benefits of Outsourcing

Enhance Your Customer Experience

In the latest world of mortgage business, the competition is getting stronger and therefore almost all companies are finding ways to optimize infrastructure and resources cost. Outsourcing mortgage processing support services to offshore experts is a good option to minimize or eliminate costs related to staff, equipment, software, etc. without affecting quality of processes. a trusted mortgage support services provider in India, has years of experience in the industry and knows how to adhere industry’s regulatory norms. Our mortgage processing support professionals help lenders, brokers, credit unions, and real estate dealers to meet their specific real estate mortgage support services requirements. With our in-depth domain knowledge and strong practice in mortgage analytics, we not only help you to reduce the operational cost but also stay ahead in the competition.

The Wide-ranging Suite of Our Mortgage Support Services Include:

Our years of experience and strong skills in the real estate industry allow us to offer a wide range of mortgage support services with utmost level of accuracy. The following is a partial list of mortgage processing services.

Mortgage Loan Origination Support

To close more loans faster, we are aware with industry’s almost all leading loan origination support software systems such as Encompass, Calyx (Point), etc. Our mortgage support services enable mortgage lenders and brokers to manage loan processing effortlessly. As part of our mortgage loan origination support services, we perform:

Pre-Qualification / Pre-Approval

Our talented workforce verifies borrower’s documents and financial ability to repay the loan, also explains borrower about lender’s loan programs and send pre-approval letter to the borrower.

Disclosure Desk

In our initial loan estimate, we include all state and federal mortgage disclosures with verified data of mortgage loan origination support. After a deep analysis of loan documents within 3 days of application received date, our mortgage support services experts send disclosures out.

Loan Setup

Once the borrower confirms to procced, we go ahead and complete loan setup that includes loan documents upload on LOS software, preparing a list of what essential to be ordered and sending the same to loan officer.

Mortgage Underwriting Support

This process ensures authenticity of loan documents, our underwriters make sure that all needed documents are included and information provided is correct. We meticulously verify all income documents such as W2, paystubs, rental income, bank statements, tax returns, etc.

Our mortgage support services experts review LOS findings for accuracy and forward to underwriter for computing income, adding conditions, adding notes in LOS and making quick credit decisions. If underwriter finds it acceptable with conditions, the loan would be acknowledged as 'conditional approval' and when our team receives supporting documents for third-party conditions, we forward them to underwriter for their consideration.

Mortgage Closing Support Services

Our mortgage processing support services also include closing support services such as closing disclosure, closing package review, pre-purchase review, pre-funding, post-closing quality audit and more. Here is detailed description of the services:

Closing Disclosure and Closing Package Review

To evaluate discrepancies (if any) between the five-page final closing disclosure and the initial loan estimate, our closer thoroughly examine all documents. Our team of closers also verifies loan terms, total fees, closing costs and projected monthly payments to ensure optimum accuracy and completeness. As our mortgage processing support services experts know that closing disclosures need to be provided three business days before closing as per the law, therefore we deliver all documents timely to the customer so that customer can review papers meticulously before closing.

Pre-Purchase Review / Pre-Funding

The mortgage processing support specialists at review all necessary documents such as title, appraisal, credit reports, AS, flood insurance, income and underwriting terms before the loan is approved. Our pre-purchase review support helps you to identify loan-level differences and make a list of discrepancies (if any). Our auditors cognizant with compliances and agency guidelines that enable them delivering their job competently.

Post-Closing Quality Audit

Our professionals are well-versed with Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac guidelines which enable them to review all loans documents cautiously. As we have expertise in post-closing quality audit, we offer customers 24hrs turnaround time. It gives investor enough time to analyse re-verification done on investor portal and make an intelligent decision.

Value-Added Mortgage Support Services

As part of our mortgage support, we also offer some value-added services that help you to automate your processes and enhance quality level.

Document Indexing-Classification and Labelling

To make searching and retrieving documents easy for all departments, we help you to index and store all mortgage related documents on cloud-based portals. We follow standard terms as per your need and comfort while indexing and labelling documents. Moreover, our indexing experts can add notes to specific documents for easy follow up with borrowers, brokers, real estate dealers, etc.

Mortgage Appraisal Review

Our mortgage support services experts review appraisal for any divergences that can cause interruptions in the underwriting process. We carefully review appraisal ratings, invoices, inspections, sales comparable sheets, SSR (Submission Summary Report) using UCDP portal and all other addendum supporting the appraisal.

Benefits of Outsourcing Mortgage Support Services

When you hire an offshore mortgage support service provider, it gives you a lot of benefits and set you apart from your competitors in the mortgage market. Here is a partial list of advantages, you get when you partner with offshore expert like

  • Access to Skilled Team and Cutting-edge Infrastructure
  • 100% Confidentiality and Privacy
  • Flexible and Scalable Outsourcing Models
  • Highly Affordable Rates
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Regular Training Programs
  • Timely Updates on the Latest Rules and Regulations
  • Customized Services for Your Specific Need
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Round the Clock (24/7/365) Availability
  • FTP and VPN Facilities for Data Exchange

Outsource mortgage support services to us and leverage the experience of delivering successful projects worldwide. Our professionals are equipped with latest tools, technologies and techniques to automate processes for you.

To minimize your expenses and accelerate mortgage processes, outsource mortgage loan processing, underwriting, closing, post-closing and title support to us. Contact Us Today!