Outsource Appraisal Vendor Management Services

Simplify Vendor Management Processes

An open and effective communication is required to build a successful and noteworthy business relationship. It can be possible only with an effective vendor management process that helps in managing vendor contracts, identifying and eliminating inherent vendors, assessing vendor performances, etc. Managing vendors and handling customer services are not easy tasks, these require years of experience from the industry and sound knowledge on different tools.

If you do not have in-house experts for appraisal vendor management process, then outsourcing real estate vendor management services to specialists like AppraisalChief.com is a wise decision. Being a leading appraisal vendor management company in India, we help brokers, lenders and appraisers save time, money and efforts of dealing with vendor management processes.

What Appraisal Vendor Management Services, You Can Outsource?

Our qualified team of real estate vendor management services experts possesses skills to scheduling appointments, verifying documents, identifying inconsistencies, tracking orders and more. The following is a partial list of our services:

Appointment Setting and Follow Up

We work like a strong communication channel between the appraiser and the client. We are available in the loop right from scheduling appointment with the appraiser, identifying if there are any issues with date / time to accomplishing a successful meeting.

Analysis of Property Statistics

Our talented appraisal vendor management services experts thoroughly verify records, maps and other relevant documents to confirm property's rights, titles, or other expressed interests. It makes client aware with current or concrete property statistics.

New Appraisers On-Boarding

As per your need and demand, our appraisal vendor management team adds new appraisers in to your appraiser database. The on-boarding of all new appraisers will be completed after verifying documents such as W9, license, E&O, etc. and any other recommended by client. Once the appraiser selection process is completed based on the quote provided, we contact appraisers via e-mails or phone calls to locate quotations for a specific order.

Moreover, our appraisal vendor management services experts cross-check all appraisal documents whether these are current or outdated. We make sure you have latest version of documents on your website in appropriate category.

Managing Vendors Profiles

Our process ensures all vendor profiles are updated and properly categorized on the website. We match each vendor’s profile details with information available on Appraisal Sub-Committee (ASC) website, update changes if found and notify client. Also, we verify vendor’s insurance and license information.

Placement, Inspection Scheduling and Report Submission

The appraisal vendor management services experts at AppraisalChief.com, schedule inspection date with appraiser, follow up with appraiser if any changes in timetable and input the details into order management portals such as Anow, Mercury, Scope, etc. We make sure appraiser submits its report on due date in timely manner. Also, if you need help to upload the report on any appraisal software then we can assist you to do the same.

Orders Management Support

As previously said, we work as communication channel between appraiser and client. Hence, we notify appraiser if order has been cancelled by client / lender or inform client if an appraiser cancels, holds and reschedules appraisal. Our appraisal vendor management professionals ensure due dates don't get missed.

Why Outsource Appraisal Vendor Management Services to AppraisalChief.com?

As a trusted appraisal vendor management service provider in India, we are committed to provide accurate results at highly affordable prices. Our workforce strictly follows regulatory rules and industry norms to deliver error-less specialized services. Here are some key advantages of having us as your offshore appraisal vendor management partner:

  • Access to qualified team members
  • In-depth knowledge of order management portals such as Anow, Mercury, Scope, etc.
  • Multi-level encryption and strict security norms
  • Multi-level quality check system
  • East scalability (adjust team size as per your need)
  • Industry’s best turnaround time
  • Best-in-class infrastructure
  • 24/7 service support for all our clients
  • Team available in USA (EST) time zone
  • Easy communication via Call, Email, Chat, Skype, WhatsApp, etc.

With an extensive experience in providing appraisal vendor management services, we are one of the most reliable real estate vendor management companies in India. We offer you customized services as per your needs and demand at affordable rates.

If you want to manage your all vendors related tasks hassle-free and accurately in timely manner, then outsource appraisal vendor management services to us. Contact Us Today!