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Best-In-Class Real Estate Data Entry Services

Real Estate has been becoming a prosperous business nowadays. We don't deny the fact that their offices often get flooded on an everyday basis with data. They have to manage all their documents such as legal, property valuation statements, sales and commission information and several additional real estate relevant documents on daily basis. When you perform these tasks in-house you probably drift you away from your primary functions. That is why, we suggest you to outsource real estate data entry to a reliable company so that you can concentrate on other important business activities.

At Appraisal Chief, we provide different kinds of back office support services for real estate businesses and take care of your entire data. We have been serving more than 1000 clients across the world and offering a wide range of real estate data entry services at unbeatable prices. Our team is efficient to handle any kind of format such as printed/handwritten paperwork, online resources and PDFs etc.

Our Real Estate Data Entry Services Include:

Property Title Search

Our professionals can help you in property title searches right from residential title searches, commercial title searches to the document retrieval services. With our proficient staff, defined quality processes and strict security policies, we deliver you cost-effective and accurate range of title search services. Here is a partial list of searches, we have expertise in:

  • Residential: Current Owner Search, Two Owner Search, Full Title Search, Last Vesting Deed, Judgement Searches, Title Commitments, etc.
  • Commercial: Current Owner Search, Full Search, Grantor and Grantee Search, Document Retrieval, Current and Delinquent Tax Information, etc.
  • Document Retrieval: Assignment, Deed, Legal Description, Mortgage, Property Lien, Standard Document Copies, Death Certificate, etc.
  • Tax Information: Address, Tax ID Number, County and Municipality, Taxable Value, Current Tax Cycle, Tax Paid Dates & Due Dates Status, Current PRE – Principal Residence Exemption, etc.

Broker Price Opinion Report Data Entry

We help appraisers to maintain a database of property documents and relevant data for a better evaluation. After completion of BPO (Broker Price Opinion) report review, we help client to record all comparable real estate data such as ownership history, photos, location details, etc. in system for marketing or mortgage purposes. Our team members have many years of experience in MLS, Comps Research, Public Records, Tax Records, BPO Forms – Data Entry, etc.

Mortgage Lending Data Entry

Whether you need to mortgage your own home or commercial property, you definitely require a real estate services provider firm to manage all information regarding property. Here, you get best mortgage lending data entry services for your real estate.

Property Buyer and Seller Negotiation Data Entry

Our data entry professionals are adept to enter all the vital information of buyer and seller in the required format. We carefully manage imperative information of buyer and seller negotiation.

Property Tax Appeals and Assessment Data Entry

We understand how important is property tax appeals and assessment data to determine the acceptable property taxation. Therefore, we provide quality data extraction, organization, and indexing services for your property tax related information.

Property Business Mergers and Dissolutions Data Entry

Transfer of property ownership is a very common in real estate business. To perform this task, we provide highly scrupulous data scanning, database design and formatting services.

Property Insurance Data Entry

Our insurance-based data entry services include data entry of contracts related to commercial and public property insurance, insurance forms' informational administration, monetary information data entry, etc.

Property Investment Data Entry

We are adept in data entry of documents related to the property investment details and creating valuable databases of investors for future investment planning.

Why you should choose Appraisal Chief for your real estate data entry?

  • Outsource real estate data entry to us and save more than 60% on operational expenses
  • Customized solutions for your specific real estate data entry needs
  • 99.9% accuracy guaranteed in all projects
  • Leverage over a decade of experience in real estate appraisal data entry
  • Access to highly skilled resources
  • Industry's best turnaround time
  • Optimum data privacy and information security
  • State-of-the-art technology and latest software
  • Overnight delivery for RUSH jobs

We have expertise in New Database Creation, Adding Property Listings, Sending Emails to Real Estate Agents, Legal Documents Maintenance and Paperwork for Properties, Consolidation of The Buyer and Seller Information, Legal Document Preparation, Commercial and Non-Commercial Valuation Details Data Entry, Sales Records Data Entry, Data Entry Related to Taxes and Insurance, Capturing Of The Data, Converting Hard Copy Data into Digital Format, Extraction of The Data, Data Processing snd Management Services, Offline and Online Data Entry Services. Outsource real estate data entry and other related services to us and stay ahead of your competitors.

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