Frequently Asked Questions

Answers of Commonly Asked Queries

Here are answers of some most commonly asked questions by our clients. We have tried to give our best with the answers but if you are not satisfied with any answer then you can directly ask us exact query by sending an email at

Q: Tell me more about

We are an India based service provider, operating from our office situated in New Delhi. We have been providing real estate back office support services since 2006. In the past years, we have successfully delivered about 1000+ projects to our clients from over 12 countries across the globe.

Q: What services can I outsource to Appraisal Chief?

You can outsource following back-office support services to us:

- Data Entry Services
- Mailing Address Development
- Web Research Services
- Data Mining Services
- Photo Editing Services
- Website Design
- Web Development
- Search Engine Optimization Services

Q: Can I cut down on my operational costs by outsourcing to you?

Yes, by choosing us as outsourcing partner you can cut down your operating expenses up to 50-65% without compromising on quality and turnaround.

Q: Do you offer free trial?

Yes, we do provide free trial but only for data entry, data mining, web research and photo editing services. NOT for website design, web development and SEO services.

Q: How will communication take place between us?

We can communicate using phone, email, instant messenger and any other medium of communication preferred by you. If you outsource us you would not find any language barrier, all our employees are fluent in spoken and written English.

Q: What includes in your appraisal data entry service?

Our data entry support includes single family, condo, multi-family and drive-by appraisals management.

Q: Which software you can handle expertly?

We have expertise in Aurora WinTotal (a la mode), TOTAL 2013 (a la mode), ACI Report (ACI), ClickFORMS (Bradford) and Appraise-It (SFREP). Our team has ability to handle any custom built software with minimum training and support.

Q: What sections of the report you can complete?

We normally fill following sections of the report, but can complete more with provided insturctions:

- Subject Section
- Contract Section
- Neighborhood Section
- Site Section or Project Site Section
- Improvements or Unit Improvements Section
- Project Information Section
- Comparable Sales Grid Section
- Prior Sales / Transfer Information for Subject and Comparables Section
- PUD Information Section
- 1004MC Form
- Plat Map and Sketch

Q: Do you have your own access to MLS, NDC or Realquest websites?

No, we do not have our own access to any information source website. You need to provide us all necessary logins to extract information.

*We do not use logins provided by a client for another client. The user/password provided by you will be use ONLY for your account.

Q: What information I need to send you?

You need to send us all necessary details which needed to complete a report. It is included data available in different format files (e.g. pdf, jpg, xls, txt), product type template (e.g. zap, clk, or aci) and essential login information.

Q: How will I receive the completed orders?

You will receive completed orders on secured dropbox or FTP account. Also, we can complete order on your computer by accessing it using Remote Desktop Connection facilities.

Q: Which sketching software do you use?

ACI Sketch, DaVinci and Apex V5.0

Q: What is your turnaround time?

We normally deliver completed orders within 24hrs after receiving, but in case of urgency we can process orders within 12hrs or early. *We do not work on Sundays.

Q: What is your payment policy?

We raise weekly, bi-weekly and monthly invoices to our clients after calculating total number of reports completed. The clients can pay our invoice within 5 days of receipt.

Q: What are payment methods?

You can pay us via Credit Card, PayPal and Bank Wire Transfer.